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Truly appreciating the beauty of a smoking woman is a fetish thousands of people enjoy.  When you can't see a smoking woman in real life the next best thing is smoking pictures.  Smoking Glamour is best enjoyed in the form of smoking pictures.  Is there anything that can explain the simple rush of excitement and pleasure our smoking fetish generates?  Perhaps the only way to understand the excitement is through a finely crafted picture of woman smoking.  A picture is worth a thousands words as the cliché goes... and we are here to help you in your online search for pictures.


Appreciating smoking women pictures ...

smoking pictures - pretty girl smoking in a club
Teen Smoking:  Beautiful Girl Smoking in a Club
Female Smoking:  Why is it so sexy?  Understanding the smoking fetish and it's roots... Smoking is not a "bad" thing...

The simple sight of a female smoking energizes our existence.  For some it may have begun as a teenager smoking with friends, the smoking glamour portrayed in the movies or seeing your first girlfriend light up!  Society has placed negative stereotypes on people smoking, especially on teen smoking and smoking woman.  Smokers are seen as "bad" or "rebellious"... the kind of people that are not role models.  But where is the truth in this stereotype?

Perhaps we should look to the Movie Moguls.  Hollywood portrays a more positive image... the smoking celeb is everywhere on the silver screen!  Maybe it really is cool to smoke!  Lets face it, if there were not potential health risks (and this is not a form for discussion of the dangers of smoking cigarettes or smoking weed for that matter) who would even care?  It seems as if "big brother" is always looking out for our "best interests".  From our point of view it's fine to educate us... but then leave us the hell alone.  Let us, as adults, make our own decisions.  And my decision is to enjoy the pure beauty of a smoking woman!

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Female Celebrity Smoking:  Why do all the hottest starlets smoke cigarettes onscreen?
female celebrity smoking - Neve Campbell Picture Stunning Celebrity Smoker and real life smoker Neve Campbell is just an example of today's Starlets smoking on screen.  Neve is also a "real life smoker" preferring Marlboro Lights.  How could anyone paint Neve's smoking in a negative light?  This woman is fabulously attractive made only more exiting by her smoking habit and her "girl-next-door" looks.
Smoking Celeb:  Neve Campbell   

For the smoking fetish community seeing our favorite female celebrity smoking is a huge bonus.  In fact we are disappointed when they don't smoke on screen.  How many times have you heard of a Celebrity smoking but not been able to find any pictures?  The best example is Britney Spears.  Wouldn't we all just love to see Britney Spears with a freshly lit cigarette in hand doing an interview on Entertainment Tonight?  She's a closet smoker because of the "anti-smoking" crusaders and their campaign of negativism towards all smokers.  But she can't come out in the open because certain members of society have painted such a negative light on smokers.  Too bad!  Fortunately we'll help you find the photos of Britney that do exist!  So Check Back often to our Celebrity Resources Page.

Teen Smoking:  Our thoughts on teenager smoking, people smoking, and smoking woman in general.

We believe teenagers (those over the age of 18) have the right to make their own decisions about smoking.  We also believe teenagers should obey the smoking laws in their home state.  From a purely "artistic" viewpoint we wish every single girl over the age of 18 who is considering smoking at least give it a try.  Girls, smoking will absolutely make you look sexier - it's just a fact.  We further believe all consenting adults have the right to smoke or not.  People should be allowed to smoke, but they should always be considerate of those who do not.  So ladies, don't be afraid to light up and enjoy your cigarettes.

Here is Exactly How to find the best Pictures

On the left side of this page in the Navigation menu you will find a list of resources you can use while searching for smoking pictures online.  Although we make no claims of knowing every single possible resource online we have visited and cataloged what we feel are the best.  In addition we have provided you with all the tools to expand your search further without wasting time.  We provide you with all the tools and tips you'll need to enjoy your fetish.  We hope you have a pleasant visit to our site and return frequently.


We do not post nude images on this site.  We don't need hassles from the "Bible Bangers" - who instead of practicing a policy of tolerance, open-mindedness, and understanding try to cram their ultra right wing religious views down our throats.  We respect everyone's right to believe in a "Higher Power" - just don't inflict your opinions on us.  More people have died in the name of religion than any other cause.  Just look at today's "Crisis in the Middle East".  The majority of Christians do not understand the beliefs of Muslims and vice versa!  And of course both sides are "Right" and are willing to Kill INNOCENT PEOPLE to prove it!  What the fuck is that about?  So to all you Bible Bangers - leave us the fuck alone.  We're doing just fine without you!

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